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The latest just released from Snowden’s trove of docs. 


On Dec. 1, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told Charlie Rose on “60 Minutes” that the company is in the R&D stage of developing a drone delivery system called Amazon PrimeAir. The drones would theoretically deliver packages of up to 5 pounds directly to people’s doorsteps in as little as 30 minutes after purchase.

Federal authorities began righting toppled rail cars Monday morning as they started an exhaustive investigation into what caused a New York City commuter train rounding a riverside curve to derail, killing four people and injuring more than 60 others.

At the sparkling gala wherein Taylor Swift and Bon Jovi performed live, they were also able to convince William to get up and perform ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ with them. What a good sport!

Apparently, William only agreed to come up and sing if Taylor did as well. Bon Jovi was doing a bit of a slower performance of the song, but that didn’t stop Swift from dancing… a lot. Hey Wills even got a few moves in!

A storm bearing down on the East Coast with a messy mix of snow, rain and wind is threatening to ground giant balloon versions of Snoopy and SpongeBob SquarePants in the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The iconic characters that soar between the Manhattan skyscrapers every year may not lift off Thursday if sustained winds exceed 23 mph and gusts exceed 34 mph, according to city rules enacted after fierce winds in 1997 caused a Cat in the Hat balloon to topple a light pole and seriously injure a woman spectator. Current forecasts call for sustained winds of 20 mph and gusts of 36 mph. 

My ears were the inspiration for Shrek. True story.

President Obama at DreamWorks event.

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Sometimes the smallest notion can create magic”

The animated classic “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” was born from the simplest of ideas: Creator Charles M. Schultz just wondered what it would be like if children tried to tackle the craziness of Thanksgiving dinner.

Read some more history of the holiday institution, including interviews with some of the special’s cast members, in our latest edition of Classic Hollywood. Or just tip a hat to Schultz, who would have turned 91 today.

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Winter weather has already caused the cancellation and delays of hundreds of flights.